Deeper Learning

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Meet the Equity Fellows Mentors

Big Picture and Internationals have always stressed the importance of mentorships in the learning process. This is as true for adults and emerging leaders at it is for students. Thus -- as an essential component of this work -- we have recruited a group of nationally-recognized experts from the fields of progressive education and equity to guide the Fellows in support of their development as leaders. The Deeper Learning Equity mentors provide expert guidance for each Fellow’s project and provide experienced counsel in developing the Fellows’ leadership stance in addressing the inevitable challenges they'll encounter in the process of bringing deeper learning to their communities.

Through the relationships they'll form with the Fellows', Deeper Learning Equity mentors often find themselves: celebrating the work of the fellow and the growing Deeper Learning Equity Fellows community, providing regular feedback as fellows move through their capstone projects and implementation and evaluation plans, challenge fellows to go deeper into their work and their thought process and -- often -- extending invitations to fellows to speak at local engagements and/or opportunities for learning, writing and fellowship. 

The esteemed group of mentors who have lent their expertise to this work illustrates both the dramatic need for increased distribution of deeper learning practices in under-served communities, but also the deep commitment of those field to seeing this effort through. 

We invite you now to meet the Deeper Learning Equity Mentors (for a full list, including bios, please visit this page and scroll down to the Mentors portion).