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Nadia Nashir

Nadia Nashir is the Assistant Superintendent of Multilingual Education for the Buffalo Public Schools. In this role, she strives to improve PK – 12 multi-lingual learners’ academic experiences by prioritizing equity in access and achievement for all. 

Nadia firmly believes that multi-lingual learners require a focus on rigorous academic preparation and language development.  Nashir leads the welcoming, screening, identifying, and placement of multilingual language learners. She oversees the curriculum, instruction and assessments of multilingual learners and improving school-home communication and collaboration.  Nadia collaborates with other district leaders in order to provide teachers, support staff, administrators, and community based organizations training around the needs of multi-lingual learners who historically experience inequitable academic success. 

Nashir is a daughter of two immigrant parents. As a first-generation Yemeni-American and English language learner, Nadia strongly believes in the transformative power of an education. She has experienced first-hand where school staff equate limited English proficiency with limited intelligence. Unfortunately, most school staff do not recognize the strengths – the linguistic, social and cognitive resources that culturally and linguistically diverse students bring with them to school.  Thus, Nashir believes it is critical for schools to examine the attitudes, expectations and beliefs that school staff hold about culturally and linguistically diverse students. The belief system of the adults will determine if they can successfully meet the academic and social needs of the students under their care. 

Nadia Nashir was a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and supervising principal in the Buffalo Public Schools. Nadia has been part of the Buffalo Public School system for 20 years. She is widely recognized for having tremendous success with the teaching and administrative positions that she has held and developing strong relationships that result in the cultivation of highly effective learning environments for students. 

Nadia Nashir serves on leadership panels, non-for profit boards, and as a mentor to future school/district leaders.  Nadia earned a Master of Science in Educational Administration from the State University of New York University at Buffalo. She is married with a son and daughter.