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Lynne Wright

Dr. Lynne Wright is the principal of Oakridge Elementary School in Arlington, Va. Dr. Wright is described as a visionary leader by her community and her passion is closing the opportunity gap one child, one relationship at a time. In 2015, Dr. Wright received the Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leadership Award. She was awarded an EdD in public school administration and supervision from the University of Virginia and earned her Bachelor’s degree in sociology and a Master’s in education from James Madison University. In 2014, she completed the Aspiring Superintendent’s Program and received her licensure for Superintendent. She has used the skills she learned in this program to broaden her perspective on school leadership and has implemented innovate strategies to meet the diverse needs of her growing school community. In 2007, she joined Oakridge Elementary School as the school testing coordinator and assistant principal before being promoted to her current position as principal in 2010. Dr. Wright served as a teacher of students with disabilities at Taylor Elementary School. In December of 1998, she was hired full-time at Williamsburg Middle School as a teacher in the Interlude Program, a program to meet the academic and therapeutic needs of students.