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Eric Rowe

I walk in this world as a Black man, Partner, Father, Educator and an Equity Designer.  To paraphrase James Baldwin…there are other identities to me ---like anyone else, but I embody those 5 powerfully in my lived experiences.  I currently serve as the Executive Director of Empower Community High School that holds as its vision that our students will claim their rightful place as agents of change, growth and social progress.  We are a collective of creatives and innovators.  I also am a Co-Founder and former Co-President of the Denver School Leaders Association - Colorado's first union advocating for Principals and Assistant Principals - whose mission is to ensue fair and equal treatment of all DPS School Leaders and to advocate for anti-racist and policies within DPS. I served in previous roles as a Principal, Instructional Coach, Educator, Youth Worker and Program Manager in Baltimore, D.C., Saint Louis, and now in Denver for the past 7 years.  

Education is my vocation and avocation.   I spent the past 28 years providing motivational, emotional and strategic supports to children to prepare them for success in life and providing similar support to educators, librarians and youth workers as they worked to cultivate relationships with their students.   What I learned from my time with the Jesuits is that teaching is both an art and a science, but most importantly it is a call to use your gifts to serve others.  I am excited to join Cohort 6 to learn, collaborate and contribute my voice as we radically dream and build community.