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William Jackson

I am really excited to have the opportunity to be joining the Deeper Learning Equity Fellows Cohort 5. I am currently serving as Principal for Nathan Hale High School, where we focus on building 21st-century skills through our project-based learning, culturally responsive teaching, and digital learning approach. Honoring the brilliance of our students by codesigning our curriculum and pedagogy, strengthening our anti-racist practices, and building on our deeper learning approach is our current cycle of ongoing growth. I believe that taking a cycle of an inquiry approach to ongoing school and community growth is essential to long-term success. Thus, identifying a problem of practice, and crafting a theory of change in relationship with student voice and student experience allows for adequate time and growth for school and community to make proposed change.

I am currently earning my doctorate in education from the University of Washington Leadership for Learning program, with a focus on Educational Leadership and Policy, which also includes earning a Superintendent credential. I hope to serve as Superintendent in the future, and I believe that building equitable systems requires collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving a racial equity lens, and a desire to lead for systemic change. Recently, I have led workshops focused on racial equity, and teaching and learning with generation Z, and the strategies best suited to meet their needs

I began my administrative career as an Assistant Principal for Nathan Hale High School, where I advanced student leadership, building leadership, and family engagement to lead for racial equity and social justice in Seattle Public Schools. I began my career in education teaching humanities, economics, and leadership, focused on social justice, racial equity, and economic equality. I observed during this time that student voice had the power to transform school communities. I grew up in Seattle, Washington, where I learned from my family and community the values of education, social justice, and service.